Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Creating a world of win/win!
The Purpose of the "The Stand" is living passionately around what you are committed too. Participants will be supported & coached in achieving their declarations & taking committed action each day aligned with their purpose and vision.
The Stand is a second level training. Breakthrough to Possibilities grads are eligible
to register for this training.
What is your Stand in the World?
What you will achieve from attending "The Stand":
  1. Risking
  2. Self Generation
  3. Playing the bigger Game
  4. DWIT (Do what it takes!)
  5. Creating powerful vision
  6. Being Vulnerable to commitment
  7. Stretching yourself beyond limitations
  8. Power of enrollment
  9. Living from Purpose

The Stand will be facilitated by Master Facilitator BARBARA FAGAN. Barbara has worked as a Master Coach in the international business community for over 20 years. In 1987 she co-founded a coaching company in San Francisco & is now President of Resource Realizations, a organization top in the field of certification programs. Her purpose in coaching is to assist others in achieving "their" goals. Please visit www.resourcerealizations.com to read more about Barbara and the programs Resource offers.

The steps that you will take to achieve your goals are:

Declaration! I am in! I am "The Stand".

Thinking outside the box, adopting a mental attitude of intervention.

Lead from commitment and purpose.

Taking a stand for others via enrollment.

Why? To be a contribution to people & transform the quality of life in the world. Recognize that life is enrollment.
"The Stand" is a 12 week program with 2 bookend seminar weekends. You will be coached through the 12 weeks and supported in achieving what it is "you" want!
There will be a breakout optional weekend midway through the process at a ropes course! A opportunity to challenge yourself and focus on team building, trust, communication, problem solving, leadership, conflict resolution and flexibility. A very powerful experience!
Where & When will be posted shortly!